I'm investing BIG in crypto

Here's why.

crypto investing

Bottom line: This is the best investment opportunity I've seen in my life, I'm getting in while it's still early.

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There are many who think cryptocurrencies are in a bubble, or that it's a fad that will go away.

I understand the sentiment because this was exactly my perspective back in 2018 after the bitcoin bubble burst:

bitcoin 2018 bubble

Over the course of 12 months, bitcoin went from $1k to $20k, then crashed back down to $4k.

Many people lost their shirts when the bubble popped.

So... knowing this, why am I investing in cryptocurrencies today?

Answer: because the game has changed.

Crypto has gone from an intellectual curiosity obsessed over by fringe groups, to a technological quantum leap that - even by conservative estimates - is going to generate trillions of dollars of economic value in the coming decade.

This might sound like an exaggeration but I contend that it is not.

The world is heading towards a digital future that most people do not yet appreciate; And those who do are investing heavily into crypto today.

This is why the price of bitcoin has exploded WAY past its 2018 bubble peak:

bitcoin rally

Could this be yet another bubble?

Well, that's one possibility.

But, I'm betting that it's not.

You see... as a currency trader I've been studying big picture macro-economic trends and market psychology for 16 years.

After doing my due diligence on the crypto space, I now believe that the largest wealth-building opportunity in human history is underway.

And I'm joining the trend and betting BIG while it's still early.

crypto adoption curve

Imagine buying Google or Facebook stock in 2012.

A similar opportunity now lies in front of us.

Let me to explain.

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