Digital Slowmad Insider: The Final Phase

Dear insiders,

BTC is at the doorstep of its ATH, way ahead of schedule.

Many people were caught off-guard by this.

First, the bullish surge came 6-9 months earlier than previous cycles; BTC has never in its history rallied so much before the halving.

Then, the typical BTC --> ETH --> altcoins --> memecoins rotation was upended. Today, BTC and memecoins are surging at the same time while altcoins are underperforming, and ETH is somewhere in the middle.

Almost all cycle indicators have exceeded historically extreme boundaries.

So this latest cycle has proven to be the most unusual and has left many people sidelined.

Thankfully, we caught the shift on 12 Feb and pivoted to a bullish stance:

This being said, we are clearly in uncharted territory today and can no longer rely on past patterns to guide our future expectations.

Despite this, we'll keep moving forward and make the best of the opportunities we find. This is the stage where things heat up and fortunes get made.

If we play our cards right, hopefully, we'll secure a bag of FU-money before the cycle ends.


Initially, the bull phase was estimated to start in the second half of 2024... but the early BTC rally suggests the timeline has changed - it looks to be brought forward by 6-9 months.

This means our window of opportunity may be shorter than we thought - this cycle may be over within the next 18 months.

Bottom line: There's no time to waste. Now is the time to be actively monitoring the market and taking action.

So pull up your sleeves and get ready to rumble. This is the part of the cycle we've been waiting for.

But first - some logistics to get out of the way.

Subscription update

Most of you have been in the private group since day one.

Back then, we were in the depths of the Terra Luna collapse and I promised to keep the subscription low until the bear market was over.

With BTC now breaking $60k and the portfolio at ATHs, I think it's safe to say we're in the clear... and the subscription will now be raised to a more appropriate level.

To be clear:

  • My target is to multiply my portfolio 10x - 20x from current levels (could be more, depending on how far into the cycle we're in when this target is achieved)
  • There are no guarantees but I expect this target to be hit within the next 18 months

Here's the deal: Our private group will be closed when we hit the FU-money target OR the cycle is over. This means the group will likely be closed before end 2025.

Until then,

  1. Our subscription will be set at $129/mo for newcomers but existing members (you) can join now at $90/mo (-30% discount).
  2. Alternatively, you can get a "lifetime" subscription at $1,600 or 0.5ETH. This "lifetime" membership will last for as long as our group is open. Just pay once, and never a cent more.

To stay in our group, you must join one of these options by 15 March 2024.

If you do not join one of these options by 15 March, access to the main group sections will be revoked.

Existing members: Upon joining, your existing ($35/mo) subscription will be cancelled within 48 hours and you'll be refunded the pro-rated amount of your latest payment.

Let's F*cking Go

We've persevered through the worst bear market to arrive at this point.

Now is the time for us to reap what we've sown and start printing.

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If you have any questions, contact me at: