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24 November 2023

📊 Crypto portfolio update

Exposure: 99.8%

Net return: 622.8%

Comments: In case you haven't followed me on Twitter, I recently made an announcement:

Over the last 18 months I've been asked about my next GameFi pick after DFK.

I never gave an answer because there weren't any projects that stood out to me as a good investment... until now.

This new project is one I have conviction in, and I'll publish my thesis on it soon. To read it, follow me on Twitter and subscribe to this newsletter.

Meanwhile, I've shared all the details in the private group and have begun accumulating my bags.

There are no guarantees in crypto - especially when it comes to altcoins - but this opportunity has the best risk-reward profile I've seen since DFK in early Oct 2021.

The project fundamentals are solid and it's trading at a largely undervalued price right now... and if I'm right, it won't stay at these price levels for long.

Accordingly with my conviction, I've allocated a big portion of my portfolio to it:

Details available in private group

🫂 keyholders rekt

Back in September I warned about how the game of " musical chairs" would end:

friendtech warning

I hope this has encouraged some to cash out early... because people key prices have - as expected - nuked and bagholders are crying for help.

friendtech rekt
friendtech losers

This is a lesson that - sadly - people can't seem to learn: If you don't know where the yield is coming from... it's probably you.

The same dynamic has played out numerous times over the last 6 months (in different guises) and people keep jumping in all excited thinking its the next big thing.

In the end, the only ones who got rich are the founders, early adopters/influencers, and a small minority of people who sold early. Everyone else got obliterated.

Hopefully, none of you who read this newsletter got caught in this entirely predictable collapse.

📝 Admin update

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🚌 The Bruder EXP-7

If you're a fan of vanlife, check this out.

Would totally live in this during the zombie apocalypse.

💬 Quote of the week

Pay careful attention to the things that everyone knows but pays no attention to.

- Shane Parrish

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend. 🥃


P.S. If you have any questions or feedback, let me know at: chris[at]digitalslowmad[dot]com

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