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19 November 2021

📊 Crypto portfolio update

Invested in: Jewel (JEWEL), Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC)

Net return: 468.9%

Comments: My investment in DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) continues to pay off, with the price of Gen0 heroes rising rapidly and the price of JEWEL hitting consecutive new all-time highs.

The game now looks to be getting the attention of crypto whales, a number of whom have been observed to be buying up high-end Gen0 heroes in batches.

Two high-end Gen0 heroes bought for $230k

My conviction in the game - and importantly, the dev team - continues to grow and my investment allocation has increased accordingly.

A few weeks ago there was a dip in hero prices and I took the opportunity to buy a bunch more. Since then, I've sold some of them for a profit, which is partly why the 'Net return' above has gone up noticeably. The other reason is, of course, the rocketing JEWEL price.

jewel usd chart

My big picture strategy is to continue betting on JEWEL while keep a smaller portion of funds in ETH and BTC. This is a simple method, but it's proven to be effective and, crucially, low stress.

The Terra and Avalanche ecosystems have caught my eye but I still see a lot more room for the JEWEL price to run, so that's where I'm parking my capital for now. If/when my view changes, I'll let everyone know first via my YouTube channel.

Nobody can predict the future, but I'm strapped in and ready for a scenario in which the crypto market moves up significantly over the coming weeks.

📝 Admin update

₿ Crypto news

💬 Quote of the week

If you want a significant change in your results, then you probably need a significant change to your strategy. Working harder on your current strategy is unlikely to move the needle. Before you work harder, work on the right thing. Play better games. Win better prizes.

- James clear

💎 Something interesting

Today I learned that emerald bees exist:

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend. 🥃


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