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10 June 2022

📊 Crypto portfolio update

Exposure: 13.8%

Net return: 588.4%

Comments: There has been no material change to the bear market situation, and I continue to wait patiently for a good opportunity to increase my crypto exposure.

In times like these the best thing to do is to put away the charts, rest, and build competencies in other areas.

To that end, I've started a private alpha group.

Having a private group enables me to more openly share my views without having to deal with trolls and people with no skin in the game.

I'd also been looking to host a community of like-minded individuals who want to succeed together, and now's a good time to get that ball rolling.

A quick look inside:

Many of you guys have been hit by the bear market + LUNA/UST blow up, so I'm making it a priority to keep this affordable for everyone who is serious about joining.

You can get in today at $9/mo.

I'll be blunt: The fee is laughably low, and I've deliberately set it this way. I don't want cost to be a reason for someone to be unable to join.

Also, let me be clear: Whatever I get from this is going to make zero difference to my life. Most likely, it won't even cover my transaction costs on Kucoin.

The reason for the fee is simple: To separate the serious from the tire-kickers. If $9 deters you, this isn't for you.

Current allocation:

Details available in the private group

🏰 DeFi Kingdoms

It's only been 5 weeks since I sold the last of my DFK heroes, but it feels like ages ago.

Having mostly left the ecosystem, I hadn't been keeping up with DFK news, but I'm peripherally aware of DFK Duel and pet hatching.

These are cool developments, but I'm a little disappointed - though not surprised - that the main combat feature is still a long way from release.

This more or less confirms my long-standing suspicion that the devs never had a solid vision of what combat was going to be like until quite recently.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing for the game, but it punished - among others - the early investors who waited 8 months, saw their investment drop 90%, and have still not seen any real gameplay being rolled out.

And by now, the timeline no longer matters. There's nothing left to be redeemed in terms of release timing. That ship has sailed.

The only thing that matters now is how good the combat feature turns out to be.

I have some ideas regarding this... but the point might be moot.

You see, DFK is possibly facing a more urgent issue right now: Solvency.

It's my understanding that the devs are paid in JEWEL from the dev fund. But with the price of JEWEL down so much (now at $0.30), I can't help but wonder how long their runway is.

Many projects get killed during bear markets, so from a purely statistical point of view, things aren't looking good.

If anyone has any details about this, please hit me up via Twitter or email.

I may not currently be invested in DFK, but I still want to see it succeed.

[Update] @Shishir42069 has pointed out some details about the devs' compensation. You can read more about it in his tweet. Thanks Shishir!

📝 Admin update

😌 Feel good video of the week

Check out this Vietnam veteran being told how much his Rolex watch is worth:

💬 Quote of the week

We waste our time with short-term thinking and busywork. Warren Buffett spends a year deciding and a day acting. That act lasts decades.

- Naval Ravikant

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend. 🥃


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