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13 January 2023

📊 Crypto portfolio update

Exposure: 44.6%

Net return: 560.2%

Comments: The new year kicked off with an unrelenting rally that surprised many:

General consensus: this is a short squeeze that will continue pushing higher.

While I'm agreeable to this view, I also note that every meaningful rally since 2022 has been heavily sold into; And expecting this one to be different goes against statistical precedence.

So my current stance is: Tread carefully. The disconnect between the macro environment and the recent price action makes this an especially dangerous time to be jumping in and out of positions.

If you see a chunky profit, consider taking it off the table quickly rather than letting it run.

Current allocation:

Details available in the private group

🏰 Prediction: DeFi Kingdoms will surprise in 2023

I've recently shared some DFK thoughts for 2023:

DFK is the first web3 game that tries to do what traditional online games can't: incorporate decentralized public markets into the gameplay loop.

Consider the main bottleneck of traditional games: You don't actually own your in-game character, gear or items; You can't trade them with someone else, or sell them for cash.

Web3 is the solution to this because everything in-game can be tokenized and traded on a marketplace or DEX.

While it's still early days, a nascent market ecosystem appears to be forming in DFK.

It's the leading GameFi project in this regard, ahead of even Axie Infinity.

📝 Admin update

🎸 Tenacious D - Wicked Game

Tenacious D knocks it out of the park with this amazing cover of Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Game'.

It gave me the chills. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

💬 Quote of the week

Focus on the goals, not the obstacles.

It's like riding a bike. Where you look, your bike goes. If you look at the tree you will hit the tree. Look at the path, and enjoy the ride.

- Hector Beaman

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend. 🥃


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