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8 July 2022

📊 Crypto portfolio update

Exposure: 1.0%

Net return: 568.6%

Comments: After 3 months of crypto carnage, we have now entered a quiet phase where prices trade in a narrow range and there is no significant news.

Some people interpret this as a time to be buying, but I disagree. It seems to me that people are just itching for some action, rather than buying because it's a truly a good idea.

We are probably overdue for a pullback, but the chance of this being the 'bear market bottom' is pretty low, in my opinion.

After all, the Fed recently raised rates by 75bps and the consensus is that they will do so again in the next FOMC meeting. Additionally, we have yet to officially enter a recession... so it will take more time for the macro story to play out.

There are, as usual, a multitude of "predictions" as to when the bear market will end. Some people think it will take years, while some think it will only take months.

Here's my two cents.

I'm not smart enough to predict exactly what the market will do, or when it will do it. My approach is to develop an investment thesis and continuously adjust it over time. I observe what's going on right now, scale into a position when it makes sense (according to the thesis), and manage risk in case I'm wrong.

That's it.

I adjust my view based on incoming information, and will re-position my portfolio in a way that best expresses that view. There's no secret formula, no magic prediction number.

For the moment, I'm not keen on deploying capital and am sitting almost entirely on stables:

If you'd like to learn the details of how I approach the crypto markets and when I start buying again (and what I'm buying), join my private group for just $9 today.

🛵 Slow Travel

With travel restrictions easing up and not much going on in crypto, I find now to be a good time to start traveling again; Two years of sedentary life has taken a toll on my mind and spirit!

So today I find myself on the Island of the Gods, touching ocean and waiting for the bear market to play out.

The time will come when things get hectic again, and I want to be ready and well-rested by then.

While chilling out, I'm also looking into interesting crypto projects and - as requested by private group members - be writing more about "digital nomading" from my POV.

More to come about these topics.

📝 Admin update

🖼️ A.I. generated images

Check out these A.I. generated images from my text input: "crypto bros crying in a bear market"

🌊 How deep is the ocean? (Animation)

I've watched this a few times and am still amazed:

💬 Quote of the week

What you seek is seeking you.

- Rumi

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend. 🥃


P.S. If you have any questions or feedback, let me know at: chris[at]digitalslowmad[dot]com

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